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How the oil-immersed transformer performs oil treatment

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The Oil-immersed transformer can be used indoors (outdoors) and can be installed on poles when the capacity is 315kVA and below. The ambient temperature is not higher than 40℃ and not lower than -25℃. The highest daily average temperature of an transformer is 30℃. The highest annual average temperature is 20℃, the relative humidity does not exceed 90% (ambient temperature is 25℃), and the altitude does not exceed 1000m. In daily production and life, how does the Oil-immersed transformer process oil? Let's take a look together next.

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l Oil-immersed transformer pressure filtration method

l Oil-immersed transformer for charged oil filtering

On-load Capacity Adjustment Series Transformer

Oil-immersed transformer pressure filtration method

The insulating oil used in the Oil-immersed transformer must have insulating properties and thermal conductivity (national standards). At the installation site, the transformer usually uses pressure filtration to complete the general drying (removal of moisture) and purification (removal of dirt) of the insulating oil.

When the Oil-immersed transformer is working normally, the pressure gauge works normally under the pressure of 3*10 ~ 4*10 Pa. If the transformer is blocked by impurities and oil paper, the pressure will increase. When the pressure reaches 6*10 Pa, it must be stopped and the filter paper must be replaced. The transformer filter paper is dried in an oven at 80-90℃ for 24 hours before use, and placed in a clean container. The filter screen of the transformer needs to be cleaned every 10~15 hours. In the beginning, the oil is filtered within 3-5 minutes, and the oil outlet is sent back to the dirty oil tank through the valve to filter the oil stored in the oil filter again, and then pass the transformer. The valve is sent back to the dirty oil system and filtered again. The above oil filter should be refined and dried many times until it is qualified.

Oil-immersed transformer for charged oil filtering

When the voltage of the transformer is higher than 10V, the charged oil filter is not suitable. Because when the oil-immersed transformer is filtered, more bubbles are generated, and the bubbles will be freed under the action of the higher voltage of the oil-immersed transformer, which will deteriorate the insulation performance of the oil and cause internal discharge. When the oil-immersed transformer is charged to filter the oil, the gas released from the oil in the relay is periodically discharged. When the transformer is charged to filter the oil, the Oil-immersed transformer oil pipe and the oil filter should be reliably grounded to protect the personal safety of the staff. The staff should be professional, supervised, and wear insulating supplies.

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