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On-load Capacity Adjustment Series Transformer


Product Description

For a long time, China's rural power grid has a load distribution, seasonal, low average load characteristics, in rural power grid construction and transformation of choice should be consistent with the load characteristics of rural power transformer further reduce the transformer load loss and no-load current to meet current technical sophistication and reliability and the next few years, new clothes and replacement distribution transformers have. And I produced the load transfer capacity of rural power transformer according to this feature is the design of the transformer, fully meet the needs of rural power

grids. Load transfer capacity of the transformer reversed through intelligent controller switches to adjust capacity to complete transformer high, low capacity automatic conversion process is a new energy-saving technology distribution transformers.

Use S11-ZT-load tuning capacitor variations compared to the two picture- S11 type transformer, first reduce equipment purchase costs and installation costs, and floor space narrowing, shortening the construction period, operation and maintenance significantly reduce the workload. Meanwhile S11-ZT-type load transfer capacity compared with have S11 type transformer ordinary transformer, the transformer load loss decreased by 50%. Therefore, load transfer capacity of the transformer is the best choice for the future of rural electrification.

Model meaning


S11-M.ZT series 11KV on-load capacity regulating transformerS13-M.ZT series 11KV on-load capacity regulating transformer

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