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Our online company in order to provide customers with safe and reliable products, in their continuous improvement at the same time increases cooperation with major brands in the industry, create an ideal sales network and after-sales service system, this is the following obligations in this.
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    We will always be committed to politics \\"Improve Quality Management, Promoting the quality of awareness, improved technical level, which guarantees customer satisfaction \\" to ensure that technical performance indicators meet national standards to meet customer requirements.
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    In the process of manufacturing equipment and sales, customers can always help us on technical stock exchanges and valuable proposals, check production and supervision of the team.
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    Sales of the company apply from warranty products, warranty period from the date of sales, warranty period, in which product quality problems caused by the Company's failure are responsible for free service; After the warranty period for the provision of services and technical guidelines managed by life.
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    The company is officially preparing to receive repairs, we guarantee an answer within an hour, and we organize personnel to allow the site on the site, depending on the specified situation, within 12 hours in Wenzhou, 24 hours of Zhejiang, from 48 to 72 hours outside the province Depending on the distance.
Reputation is how to stay, quality is survival, customer satisfaction is our greatest desire, so we will make tremendous efforts!
Quality brings you a visual future and
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Zhejiang Shuntong Electric Co., Ltd. It was founded in 2009, specializes in the production of several low-voltage voltages.

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