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04 - 25
Research Status of Liquid-immersed Transformer High-Temperature Insulation Materials
Liquid-immersed Transformer has the characteristics of good heat dissipation, low loss, large capacity, and low cost. It has become the most widely used power transformer in the power grid. Its reliability is directly related to the safety and stability of the power grid. The Liquid-immersed Transformer adopts a solid-liquid composite insulation structure. At present, a conventional oil-paper insulation system consisting of cellulose insulating paper and mineral insulating oil is often used. The safety and reliability of the insulation system is the basic condition for the normal operation of the transformer. During the long-term operation of the oil-immersed transformer, the insulation system is gradually aging due to the influence of temperature, oxygen, moisture, and other factors.
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04 - 21
Operation prevention of Oil-immersed transformer
The Oil-immersed transformer is widely used in our production and life. The Oil-immersed transformer needs to be prevented during operation, so what is the prevention of Oil-immersed transformer operation?
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03 - 22
Introduction and factory operation of Liquid Insulated Transformer
Liquid Insulated Transformer is a device that uses the electromagnetic mutual inductance effect to transform voltage, current, and impedance, so what is the introduction and factory operation of a Liquid Insulated Transformer? Let's take a look together next.
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03 - 18
How to operate and maintain a liquid-cooled transformer?
The liquid-cooled transformer is a device that converts AC voltage, current, and impedance. When there is an AC in the primary coil, an AC magnetic flux is generated in the iron core (or magnetic core), so that a voltage (or current) is induced in the secondary coil. So how to operate and maintain the liquid-cooled transformer? Let's take a look together next.
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