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Oil-filled transformers use oil as the main insulation means of the transformer and rely on oil as the cooling medium, such as oil-immersed natural cooling, oil-immersed air cooling, oil-immersed water cooling, and forced oil circulation. Oil-filled transformers can operate as specified on the nameplate under the specified cooling conditions, but the top oil temperature should not exceed 90℃. To prevent the insulation of oil-filled transformers from aging, the top oil temperature should not exceed 85℃ frequently, and the alarm setting should be set at 80°C. The following is an introduction to the performance characteristics of oil-filled transformers.



Introduction and performance characteristics of Air-cooled Transformer

In life, an Air-cooled Transformer is often used. Air-cooled Transformers are the main transformers in power systems with a capacity of 60MVA and above. Next, let's take a look at the introduction and performance characteristics of the Air-cooled Transformer.



Requirements and development history of Oil sealed transformer

Oil sealed transformers can be used indoors and outdoors and can be installed on poles when the capacity is 315kVA and below. The ambient temperature is not higher than 40℃, not lower than -25℃, the highest daily average temperature is 30℃, the highest annual average temperature is 20℃, the relative humidity does not exceed 90%, and the altitude does not exceed 1000m.



Process guarantee of liquid-immersed transformer

The liquid-immersed transformer winding process to wind the high-voltage coil is wound using a high-speed winding machine, which uses mechanical tension on the wire with constant tension. The liquid-immersed transformer system is to realize the automatic control of the cable with staples gauge, the cable is tight and compact, and the automatic counting is accurate. Since the liquid-immersed transformer's high-voltage coils are tightened and pressed tightly during the winding process, the high-voltage coil's wires are reliable, the insulation between the liquid-immersed transformer end is rigidly connected and there is no compression margin. The same is true for low-voltage coils. Therefore, the axial height of the liquid-immersed transformer with the phase winding after winding can ensure the design size.



Pre-operation inspection and precautions of Air-cooled Transformer

Air-cooled Transformer's improved engine fuel supply method has been used in many domestic 200MW units in southern my country. What are the pre-operation inspections and precautions for the Air-cooled Transformer?



Causes of damage to Oil-immersed transformers

The oil-immersed transformer is widely used equipment for power transmission and transformation in the power grid. Its price is expensive and its reliability directly determines the normal operation of the power grid. The heating of the Oil-immersed transformer during operation is an important reason for the gradual aging of its insulation system. From the perspective of power equipment renewal, the increase in the service time of the transformer will greatly reduce the cost of funds. The winding coil and iron core are the heat sources, while the transformer’s excessive internal temperature leads to a loss of the service life of the transformer. The transformer oil-paper insulation system is most affected by temperature changes, and the transformer hot-spot temperature reaches above the limit value. The deterioration of the insulation paper may lead to the failure of the insulation system.

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