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An oil-immersed transformer is one of the liquid-filled transformers. The oil transformer has a huge capacity, so it will save a lot of electrical energy, minimize power loss, save energy sources, and reduce costs for users. Unlike the dry type transformer, the body of the Oil-immersed transformer is installed in the welded steel oil tank filled with insulation oil. When it is in operation, the heat of the coil and iron core firstly is transferred to the insulation oil and then to the cooling medium, which contributes to the durability and electrical properties of the transformer equipment. Oil-type transformers can be ground-, pad- or pole-mounted for use outdoors and used more widely.
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As for this oil-immersed transformer, our company has made many improvements to the traditional structure and materials, such as the following:


  Spiral coils with longitudinal oil channels for better internal heat dissipation; 

  Improved effective support of the coil ends for better resistance to short-circuit currents; 

 New lifting and body positioning structures to ensure greater reliability during long-distance transport and operation.



  High-quality silicon steel sheet is used, lower loss per unit, lower no-load loss of the transformer;
 High-quality laminated wood insulation parts are used, never crack, even under the action of short-circuit current, it does not move;
 Deep filtered transformer oil is used, lower level of water, gas and miscellaneous technology, the transformer works more reliably;
 High-quality rubber sealing material is used, effective anti-aging, eliminating.
All raw materials are subjected to quality inspection and all raw material manufacturers are strictly examined according to the national standard ISO9000.

The Meaning Of Different Oil Immersed Transformer 
Product Models


1.The S11 series oil-immersed transformer has reduced no-load losses by an average of 30% compared to the S9 series; the no-load current has been reduced by 70-85% compared to the S9 series; the average temperature rise has been reduced by 10K; the product life has been more than doubled and the product can operate for a long time even under 20% overload conditions, and the noise level has been reduced by an average of 2-4 dB.

2.S11(M)-in the M means oil tank adopts the full sealed structure. The full sealed structure distribution transformer is compared with an ordinary oil-immersed transformer, which doesn't have an oil storage cabinet. Oil tank wave fins instead of oil pipe as cooling components, produced by high-quality cold-rolled sheet in the special production line manufacturing. Wave fins can be changed by the volume of a transformer oil changing, so that the transformer and the atmosphere isolation, prevent and slow down the oil deterioration and insulation moisture, enhance operational reliability, normal operation maintenance-free.

3. As we know, the 11KV oil-immersed transformer and 33KV oil-immersed transformers are the most general in south-east Asia countries.


Advantages Of Oil Immersed Transformer

  The oil-immersed transformer with a new type of insulation structure is adopted to improve the short-circuit resistance; 

 The iron core is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet; 

 The high-voltage windings are made of oxygen-free copper wire, and the multilayer circular structure is adopted; 

 Which lower resistivity is selected, and after a series of additional surface treatments, it is smoother, without burrs and sharp corners, so that the load loss of the transformer is lower and the electrical performance is more reliable. 

All fasteners are made of special Anti-loose treatment.

Th oil type transformer has the characteristics of high efficiency and low loss, which can save a lot of power consumption and operating costs, and has significant social benefits. It is a high-tech product promoted by the country.

Application Of Oil Immersed Transformer​​​​​​​

The oil-immersed transformer application areas are about the ​high-rise buildings, commercial centers, hospitals, laboratories, schools, theaters, offshore drilling platforms, ships and oil-chemical plants, railway stations, airports, subway, mine, water conservancy coal-fired power plants, substations. etc.

* There are two conditions of the oil-immersed transformer using :

Normal conditions

— The altitude does not exceed 1000m:
— The most Thermidor temperature: +40℃;
— The hottest year average temperature: +20 ℃;
— The hottest month average temperature: +30 ℃;
— The lowest outdoor temperature: -25 ℃.

Special conditions

— The altitude exceeds 1000m:
— The most Thermidor temperature: +40℃;
— The lowest outdoor temperature: -45 ℃;
— Please provide the specification customized requirements when you make an order.

Oil-immersed Transformer Maintenance

Transformer for power plants and substations is indispensable, so we have to ensure the machine works well and safely. 

Here let's understand how to maintain it.


  Oil sample testing: pressure resistance, impurities, and other performance indicators every three years, the transformer's long-term full load or overload operation can shorten the cycle.

 High and low voltage insulation resistance is not less than 70% of the original factory value (10MΩ), DC resistance of the winding at the same temperature, the difference between the average value of three phases should not be greater than 2%, and the results of the last measurement should not be greater than 2%.

 Transformer working earth resistance value is measured once every two years.

 Power outage cleaning, and inspection cycle, according to the surrounding environment and load situation to determine, generally once every six months to a year;

The main content is to clear the defects found in the inspection, porcelain casing cleaning, rupture or aging rubber gasket replacement, connection point inspection tightening, lack of oil replenishment oil, breather silicone inspection, and replacement, etc.

Oil Immersed Transformer Parts

The oil-immersed transformer consists of these parts as below:
Iron Core:
core material for cold-rolled silicon steel is made of high-quality orientation, 45degree of inclined seam structure, the surfaces of the core insulation resin paint seal in moisture from the trust, clamp parts and fasteners by surface treatment to prevent corrosion.
Winding corrugated oil passage, not dipping process, tightening belt lashing; concentric coil windings are; high voltage winding has a corresponding tap voltage requirements, lead to a tap on the switch, the switch is mounted on the cover, and the need to cut after the power supply before converting voltage tap.
Oil temperature measurement device:
Headers transformers are equipped with a glass thermometer, tube socket located on the top of the tank, inserted into the oil 120±10mm;
1000~2000KVA transformer type equipped with outdoor thermometer signal;
Transformer Tank:
Constituted by a corrugated wall transformer tank, the surface dust. Spray, paint firm. Corrugated fins not only have a cooling function but also changes in the volume of transformer oil"breathe" elasticity, corrugated fins may compensate for temperature caused by lifting.

Buyers of oil immersed transformer often ask

  • Q What’s the payment term?

    A We accept T/T, L/C, WEST UNION, PAYPAL, CASH, etc.
  • Q Do you accept OEM business?

    A We accept OEM and ODM with your authorization.
  • Q What voltage range and Capacity range can you support?

    A The Primary Voltage Range: 40KV below
    The Capacity Range: 10KVA - 12500KVA
  • Q How to choose the Transformer?

    A According to your on-load sum power, the input voltage, and output voltage, you can click“Chat Now” on the right and our sales staff will provide you with solutions online.
  • Q What standard can you reach?

    A Our transformer can meet the IEC60076 standards.

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