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On-load Regulating Power Transformer


Product Description

The on-load automatic voltage-regulating transformer is a device that tracks the line voltage change and automatically adjusts the transformation ratio of the device to ensure the stable output voltage. It can automatically adjust the input voltage within a range of ±20%.

It is especially suitable for lines with large voltage fluctuations or lines with large voltage drops. This feeder voltage regulator is installed in series in the middle and rear of the 6kV, 10kV, and 35kV lines, and the line voltage is adjusted within a certain range to ensure users The power supply voltage reduces the line loss of the line.

On-load automatic voltage-regulating transformers are also suitable for substations where the main transformer does not have the ability to adjust voltage. Install this type of voltage regulator on the outlet side of the substation transformer to ensure the bus voltage on the outlet side. It is widely used in the national rural power grid, urban power grid, oil field, coal, chemical industry, substation and other fields.

Model meaning

SZ  13 - □ / □  

SZ  On-load voltage regulation

13   Performance level code

□  Rated capacity (KVA)

□  High voltage (KV)


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