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11KV Single-phase Column-mounted Oil-immersed Transformer


In the distribution network with distributed power supply, single-phase transformers have great advantages as distribution transformers. It can reduce the length of low-voltage power distribution lines, reduce line losses, and improve power supply quality. It adopts a high-efficiency and energy-saving coil core structure design. 

The characteristics of this transformer are the pole-mounted suspension installation method, small size, low capital investment, reduced low-voltage power supply radius, and low-voltage line loss by more than 60%. The transformer adopts a fully sealed structure, with strong overload capacity, high continuous operation reliability, simple maintenance and long service life. 

It is suitable for rural power grids, remote areas, scattered villages, agricultural production, lighting and power use. It can also be used for railways and urban power grids for energy-saving transformation of pole-mounted distribution lines. 

It can operate in single-phase or three single-phase groups into three-phase operation.

Type meaning 


Product Standards

GB1094.1~2-2013   GB/T 6451-2015

Rated high-voltage:10(10.5、11、6、6.3、6.6)kV    

Rated low-voltage:0.22(0.23、0.24)kV

Tapping range:No excitation voltage regulation(±5%,±2x2.5%)  

Connection group: Iio or Ii6

Insulation level: LI75AC35/AC5


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