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High Overload Capacity Distribution Transformer


Product Description

In recent years, with the continuous increase of the floating population, the problem of severe short-term overload operation of distribution transformers in rural areas during the high-temperature season and the Spring Festival period has occurred in rural electricity consumption. In order to solve this kind of electricity problem, our company has actively developed the research and application of high overload capacity distribution transformers for rural power grids initiated by the State Grid Corporation in recent years, and developed high overload capacity distribution transformers.

According to the typical load characteristics of the rural power grid integrated station area, the high-overload distribution transformer overload performance of the transformer will meet the design requirements of 1.5 times the rated capacity for 6 hours, 1.75 times the rated capacity for 3 hours, and 2.0 times the rated capacity for 1 hour. It does not affect the normal service life of the transformer.

High overload capacity distribution transformer avoids the serious overload problem of short-term electricity consumption in rural areas due to population mobility, reduces grid operation costs, and improves grid operation safety. It is a major direction for future rural distribution network transformer selection.

Model meaning


11kv high overload capacity distribution transformer

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