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Salt Bath Furnace Heating Transformer


Product Description

The salt bath furnace transformer introduces low-voltage (5.5~36V) high-current alternating current into the furnace through metal electrodes, and the current flows through the salt solution to generate heat. The salt solution is both a heating element and a medium for heating the workpiece. The temperature of the salt solution varies according to the composition of the salt solution, generally between 150 and 1300°C. The action of the magnetic field can make the salt liquid circulate, which is conducive to the uniform temperature of the salt liquid and can increase the heating speed of the workpiece.

The electrode salt bath furnace is composed of electrodes, refractory lining, sealed metal furnace pot, insulation layer and furnace shell, and is powered by a special salt bath furnace transformer. Because the solid salt is not conductive, power is first sent to the starting electrode when the furnace is turned on. The resistance heating of the starting electrode is used to melt a part of the salt first, and then the main electrode is connected to make the current work through the molten salt.

The main electrode has two structural forms: plug-in type and embedded type.

① Plug-in electrode: The electrode is inserted into the furnace from the furnace mouth. The electrode has a simple structure and is convenient to assemble and disassemble.

② Buried electrode: The electrode is buried in salt, does not touch the air, and has a long service life. The furnace volume utilization factor using this electrode is high, but it is difficult to remove the electrode.

Both electrodes can be forged from carbon steel or heat-resistant steel, or cast.


1. High-quality steel material shell, painted, durable and anti-rust.

2. High temperature resistant enameled wire, high insulation level, extending the life of the transformer.

3. High-quality silicon steel sheet, good magnetic flux, low operating noise and more energy saving.

4. The output is all copper output, which has strong conductivity and improves work efficiency.

Application  Field

It is widely used in power plants, substations, electrical appliances factories, smelting, textiles, motors, diamond industries, glass factories, etc.

Technical  Parameters


BDDG(can be customized)


500VA ~ 2000kVA

Input voltage

220V / 380V / 440V / 660V / 1140V

Output voltage

1.5V , 3V , 5V , 6V , 7V , 9V , 12V , 15V , 24V , 36V

Wave distortion

No wave distortion

Input Current

According voltage

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