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Single-phase epoxy cast high voltage power transformer


Product description

The single-phase dry high-voltage power transformer is equipped with a complete temperature monitoring and protection system. Using intelligent signal temperature control system, it can automatically monitor and circulate display the respective working temperature of the three-phase winding, can automatically start and stop the fan, and have alarm, trip and other functions.


Hospitals, railways, coal mines, research institutions, government ministries and other special workplaces with high power grid quality requirements.

If the operating environment is a special environment such as high altitude and ambient temperature exceeding 40°C, please specify in the inquiry.


1. It can go directly to the load center, flame-retardant, anti-riot, not polluting the environment, and has a high fire rating.

2. Using epoxy resin casting, high mechanical strength, strong short circuit ability, safe and reliable operation.

3. The effect of low loss and energy saving is remarkable. Compared with the same capacity three-phase dry transformer, the loss is reduced by about 40%.

4. Low noise, small size, light weight, less space, easy installation and maintenance-free.

5. The amount of partial discharge is close to zero, and the insulation level is high.

6. The temperature rise design is particularly low, and the product has a long service life.

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