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Low voltage high current transformer


Product description

The single-phase dry high-voltage power transformer is equipped with a complete temperature monitoring and protection system. Using intelligent signal temperature control system, it can automatically monitor and circulate display the respective working temperature of the three-phase winding, can automatically start and stop the fan, and have alarm, trip and other functions.

Product description:

Low-voltage high-current transformer is a special form of isolation transformer, divided into single-phase and three-phase series. The characteristics of this series of products are high primary voltage, low secondary voltage and high current. This series of products are mainly used in industrial and mining enterprises and electrical testing and welding equipment. If this series of products are used to adjust the load current of the product under test, this product needs to be used in conjunction with a voltage regulator to achieve smooth and stepless adjustment.


Input voltage: rated voltage ±10%

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Efficiency: ≥95%

Waveform distortion: no additional waveform distortion

Protection: With over-current protection, long-term unattended work

Overload capacity: twice the rated current for 1 minute

Insulation class: F

Ambient temperature: -25℃_+45℃

Relative humidity: <90%

Insulation resistance: ≥50M

Electric strength: power frequency sinusoidal voltage 2000V for 1 minute without breakdown or flashover 


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