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Process guarantee of liquid-immersed transformer

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The liquid-immersed transformer winding process to wind the high-voltage coil is wound using a high-speed winding machine, which uses mechanical tension on the wire with constant tension. The liquid-immersed transformer system is to realize the automatic control of the cable with staples gauge, the cable is tight and compact, and the automatic counting is accurate. Since the liquid-immersed transformer's high-voltage coils are tightened and pressed tightly during the winding process, the high-voltage coil's wires are reliable, the insulation between the liquid-immersed transformer end is rigidly connected and there is no compression margin. The same is true for low-voltage coils. Therefore, the axial height of the liquid-immersed transformer with the phase winding after winding can ensure the design size. So what is the process guarantee of a liquid-immersed transformer?

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l The liquid-immersed transformer body assembly

l liquid-immersed transformer corrugated oil tank

Oil-immersed Amorphous Alloy Core Distribution Transformer

The liquid-immersed transformer body assembly

The liquid-immersed transformer core is assembled on a stacking table that is turned up and down pneumatically, using a special position positioning tool, and the stacking iron is not stacked with a yoke. The liquid-immersed transformer core is clamped and the lower clamp is clamped. The column iron is temporarily clamped with channel steel and the upper clamp, and the column iron is clamped in the space with a C-type clamp. The liquid-immersed transformer stands up and moves the storage area to apply the fixing agent, after drying and curing, remove the temporary fixture, and transfer it to the body assembly process. The liquid-immersed transformer is firmly bonded between the iron chips, with low loss and low noise.

Since the iron core of the liquid-immersed transformer does not have an iron yoke, the winding type phase unit, the iron yoke pad is made of injection-molded epoxy resin pads, and the liquid-immersed transformer high-voltage lead and tap lead are insulated with reinforced PVC pipes. With special matching combinations such as wearing sleeves, the body insulation and lead assembly are carried out on the liquid-immersed transformer rolling platform assembly line. The assembly speed is fast, the quality is good, and it is clean and hygienic.

Liquid-immersed transformer corrugated oil tank

The liquid-immersed transformer corrugated fuel tank uses the "corrugated sheet folding machine" in the corrugated production line to automatically fold cold-rolled steel sheet coils of specifications into the sheet shape required by the design drawings, including the corrugation height and pitch of the liquid-immersed transformer corrugated sheet, Corrugated sheet, straight side length, and total length and width. The liquid-immersed transformer corrugated sheet has the good folding quality and fast speed. The liquid-immersed transformer corrugated sheet is folded and then enters the welding to complete the folded end seam and reinforced iron welding. This welding adopts argon arc welding, the welding arc is stable, the welding seam penetration is large, and the shape is good without defects. The liquid-immersed transformer corrugated fuel tank has a bottom, a rim, and a rectangular mailbox formed by butt welding of the corrugated sheets of the liquid-immersed transformer. The corrugated sheet of the liquid-immersed transformer is made by folding and processing thin plates. In addition to good heat dissipation performance when the transformer is working, the corrugated sheet of the liquid-immersed transformer also has the function of expansion to relieve the internal pressure rise.

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