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Operation prevention of Oil-immersed transformer

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The Oil-immersed transformer is widely used in our production and life. The Oil-immersed transformer needs to be prevented during operation, so what is the prevention of Oil-immersed transformer operation?

This is the content list:

l Prevent oil leakage of Oil-immersed transformer

l Prevent Oil-immersed transformer from getting wet

Three-phase Oil-immersed Distribution Transformer

Prevent oil leakage of Oil-immersed transformer

The Oil-immersed transformer is filled with transformer oil in the oil tank, and the oil-resistant rubber components are pressurized and sealed by fasteners during assembly. Lack of sealing is the main cause of oil leakage of the Oil-immersed transformer, so special attention should be paid to the maintenance and maintenance of the Oil-immersed transformer. Whether the small bolts of the Oil-immersed transformer are loose after vibration, if they are loose, they should be tightened. The tightening degree should be appropriate and consistent everywhere. Whether the rubber of the Oil-immersed transformer is broken or deformed severely. At this time, the rubber parts that can be updated should pay attention to whether their models and specifications are consistent when replacing them, and keep the Oil-immersed transformer sealing surface clean.

Prevent Oil-immersed transformer from getting wet

The Oil-immersed transformer is high-voltage equipment, and it is required to maintain good insulation performance of the Oil-immersed transformer. The Oil-immersed transformer is very susceptible to moisture. Preventing Oil-immersed transformer from moisture is one of the main measures to maintain the transformer.

For this reason, users are required to pay attention to the following matters:

1. After the Oil-immersed transformer is purchased, immediately ask the power supply bureau to do a handover test. Install a moisture absorber immediately. Oil-immersed transformers with a capacity of 100 kVA and above are equipped with moisture absorbers. Once the Oil-immersed transformer is shipped to the site, a moisture absorber should be installed immediately to prevent the internal body of the Oil-immersed transformer from being wet. Monitor the silica gel in the moisture absorber and replace it immediately when it becomes damp. The silica gel in the moisture absorber can absorb moisture and protect the Oil-immersed transformer. The color of the silica gel will change after it is saturated with moisture, and a new dry silica gel should be replaced at this time.

2. When ordering, please pay attention to minimize the storage time of the Oil-immersed transformer before power transmission. After the Oil-immersed transformer is manufactured, it is very susceptible to moisture when stored. The longer the storage time, the more serious the moisture will be. Therefore, the plan should be arranged to shorten the storage time as much as possible. Small Oil-immersed transformer with a capacity of 100 kVA and below, without a moisture absorber device. The oil in the Oil-immersed transformer oil pillow is easily damp, and the oil pillow accumulates water. If it has been stored for more than six months without a power supply or has been put into operation for more than one year, the oil in the Oil-immersed transformer oil pillow has become severely damp.

3.  For lifting and transporting the Oil-immersed transformer, repairing and refueling, draining the oil valve, lifting the core, etc., you should first drain the dirty oil from the oil pillow through the oil drain plug under the Oil-immersed transformer oil pillow, and use it dry Wipe and seal the Oil-immersed transformer with a cloth to prevent the dirty oil in the oil pillow from entering the oil tank of the Oil-immersed transformer. During the operation of the Oil-immersed transformer, always pay attention to the changes in oil level, oil temperature, voltage, and current. If there is any abnormality, analyze and deal with it in time. When installing the Oil-immersed transformer, it is strictly forbidden to use aluminum stranded wire, aluminum busbar, etc. to connect with the copper guide rod of the transformer to avoid corrosion of the guide rod.

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