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37kw-200kw Floor Type Variable Frequency Conversion Cabinet

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I. Product Overview

The 37kw-200kw floor-mounted variable frequency drive cabinet is an efficient, stable, and reliable power control equipment widely used in industrial production lines, building complexes, public facilities, and other areas. Its exquisite design, compact structure, and small footprint make it easy to install and maintain. With advanced frequency conversion technology inside, the cabinet can precisely control the motor's running speed, achieve energy-saving and consumption reduction, and improve production efficiency.

II. Product Features

  1. Efficient Energy Saving: Through variable frequency adjustment, the motor operates under optimal conditions, reducing energy waste and lowering operational costs.

  2. Stable and Reliable: High-quality electrical components and advanced control algorithms ensure stable equipment operation and reduced failure rates.

  3. Easy Operation: Equipped with a user-friendly operating interface, it is easy to learn and use, facilitating parameter settings and troubleshooting for users.

  4. Safety Protection: Multiple safety protection measures, such as overload protection and short-circuit protection, ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

III. Application Fields

This variable frequency drive cabinet is suitable for various scenarios requiring motor speed regulation, such as the control of fans, pumps, compressors, and other equipment. It has broad application prospects in industrial automation, building automation, energy conservation, and environmental protection fields.


0.75-30KW wall-mounted variable frequency box/cabinet is used
Floor type frequency conversion cabinet is used for 37-200KW
The GGD cabinet is used for 220KW to 400KW

Floor Type Variable Frequency Conversion Cabinet


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