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3kw Isolation High Voltage Transformer For Residential Areas

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I. Product Overview

The isolation high-voltage transformer for residential areas is a power equipment specifically designed for modern urban residential areas, featuring excellent electrical and safety performance. This product utilizes advanced insulation materials and manufacturing processes to ensure stable operation under high-voltage conditions, providing residents with safe and reliable power supply. At the same time, its compact design and optimized installation method make it easy to integrate into various residential environments and meet the needs of different users.

II. Product Features

  1. High Efficiency and Energy Saving: Adopting an energy-efficient design, it reduces energy consumption and operating costs.

  2. Safe and Reliable: Equipped with multiple safety protection functions, including overload protection and over-temperature protection, ensuring stable operation of the equipment and safeguarding user safety.

  3. Environmentally Friendly and Low Noise: Manufactured with environmentally friendly materials, it reduces pollution to the environment; meanwhile, the low-noise design minimizes noise impact on residents' lives.

  4. Intelligent Control: Equipped with an intelligent control system, it can monitor the equipment's operating status in real-time, facilitating user management and maintenance.

III. Application Scenarios

The isolation high-voltage transformer for residential areas is suitable for various places such as residential areas, housing estates, villa communities, etc. Whether it's a newly built residence or the renovation of an old residential area, this product can provide stable and reliable power supply to meet residents' daily life and work needs. At the same time, its excellent performance and convenient installation method also make it a preferred equipment in power engineering projects.


Product Name High Voltage Isolation Transformer
Product model Support customization
Number of phases three phase
Output voltage 380V/220V(customizable)
Input voltage 380V/220V(customizable)
Scope of application It can be used in power transmission and distribution places such as subways, high-rise buildings, airports, stations, docks, enterprises, tunnels, etc

1. All copper wiring, strong conductivity, can be installed according to customer requirements, multiple sets of output.

2. The heat dissipation grille is one of the keys to the complete machine, which can reduce heat dissipation and pressure.

3. Humanized design, convenient for users to turn on the transformer, making it safer to use.

3kw Isolation High Voltage Transformer3kw Isolation High Voltage Transformer3kw Isolation High Voltage Transformer3kw Isolation High Voltage Transformer主6详情_04


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