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SCB11 series epoxy resin dry type transformer


Product description

The dry-type transformers with resin isolation are safe, non-flammable, uncommustible and without contamination. It can be installed directly at the load center, free of maintenance, easy to install, low overall cost, low loss, a good moisture-proof performance, can normally operate under 100% moisture, and can be put into operation later to turn off without prior. -drying. Low partial discharge, low noise, strong heat dissipation capacity, 120% nominal load operation under forced air cooling. Equipped with a complete protection system and temperature protection, it provides a reliable warranty for the safe operation of the transformer with high reliability.

Meaning of the model


Distribution distribution distribution transformer of non-excitation of dry type of SCB11 seriesDry tension distribution transformer of 20KV dry type SCB11 series35kV dry-type voltage distribution distribution distribution transformer of SCB11 series

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