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S11 Series three oil distribution adapter in phases


1. Claims

The distribution adapter, which is controlled by a test oil produced by our company depends on a new isolation structure to improve short-circuit resistance; Made of iron iron of high quality silicone steel sheets; Made of high-quality high-quality oxygen wire equipment as materials, and adopts a cylindrical structure of multiple layers; All powerful parts adopt a special treatment for mitigation.

The product has properties of high efficiency and low loss, can provide much energy consumption and operating costs, and has great social benefits. It is a new product of common technology.

2. Viable structure

Based on the traditional structure and mature technology, our company has achieved many improvements, such as:

1) spiral coils with longitudinal oil pass, better heat dissipation;

2) improve the effective support for the end of the coil, and the capacity to resist the current short circuit is strong;

3) The new elevation structure and GPS structure are adopted for engineering to guarantee more reliable in transport and long distances;

4) We have many unique and reliable structures for your service;

5) Select an adapter with a higher level of performance will have a higher level of technical content.

3. Excellent materials.

1) The copper cables without oxygen are determined with low resistance, and after a series of additional surface treatments, it is softer and softer free of sparkling and acute angles, which makes the loss of pregnancies in the lower adapter and The most reliable electrode performance.

2) Select high quality silicone steel sheets. With improved performance, silicone steel sheets use less unit to make the loss not adapter without loading less.

3) Select high quality wood insulation parts, without cracking, even under short-circuit actions, you will not move the cables.

4) Oil converter after determining deep filtration. The low water, gas and gases make the converter work more reliable.

5) Select high quality rubber stamp material to avoid aging effectively and prevent leakage.

6) All raw materials have passed quality inspection, and all manufacturers have suffered a strict review in accordance with the ISO9000 national standard.

4. Good technical and economic performance.

Based on the S9 series, the products of the S11 series have average loss without loading by 30%; The current is reduced without loading by 70-85% compared to S9; The average temperature increased by 10K, the service of products is more than the double vulnerability, even less than 20% of the excess pregnancy, can still be executed for a long time under the same conditions; The operating noise is reduced by 2-4 dB on average.

5. Product Rules

QQ 截截 20210324194303.

6. Condition condition

  • Normal use conditions adapter.

The height does not exceed 1000 meters;

Surrounding temperature:

Maximum temperature + 40.

The average temperature of the hottest month is + 30 ° C

The highest annual temperature is an average + 20.

Minimum outdoor temperature -25.

  • Converter of private use conditions.

High exceeds 1000 meters;

Surrounding temperature:

Maximum temperature + 40.

Minimum temperature -25.

(Select on request)

Meaning of the model

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