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How to serve the main strategic implementation network?

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Depending on UHV energy transmission is accelerating northeast, the advantages of northeastern energy resources in economic benefits; To expand effective investment, improve public services, promote upgrading the manufacturing industry, and strong support for the implementation of the national strategy to revitalize the northeast.

Building the network Bejing Tianjin Hebei UHV, continue to promote the protection of energy network capacity, to meet the demand for regional economic and social development; Build a clean clean clean energy composition platform, the distribution of security demand for the electricity network, enhancing full consumer energy; Strengthen overall development in all areas of alternative energy projects for land cleaning, with strengthening the station, to promote the transformation and modernization of energy consumption structure.

Continue to promote transformation and update rural energy networks; Provide strong support for rural development; Action \\"Sunshine SUNSHINE ACTION \"; Assisting disaster areas of poverty.

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