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Distribution transformer submerged by three-phase oil S11 series



The unparalleled distribution transformer by three-phase oil produced by our company adopts a new isolation structure to improve short-circuit resistance; The iron core is made of high quality cold rolled silicon steel sheets; The high-voltage windings are made of copper wire without high quality oxygen as material, and adopts a cylindrical structure of multiple layers; All robust parts adopt special treatment against loosening.

The product has the features of high efficiency and low loss, can save a lot of energy consumption and operating costs, and has significant social benefits. It is a new product of popularized technology.

2. Reliable structure

Based on the traditional structure and mature technology, our company has made many improvements, such as:

1) spiral coil with passage of longitudinal oil, better internal heat dissipation;

2) improved the efficient support of the end of the coil end, and the ability to resist the short circuit current is stronger;

3) the new elevation structure and the body positioning structure are adopted to ensure that they are more reliable in transport and long-distance operation;

4) We have many unique and reliable structures to serve you;

5) The selection of a transformer with a higher level of performance will have a higher level of technical content.

3. Excellent materials

1) an oxygen-free copper cable is selected with less resistivity, and after a series of additional surface treatments, it is softer and softer-free from burrs and sharp corners, which makes the load loss of the transformer lower and the Electrical performance is more reliable.

2) Select high quality silicon steel sheets. With the improvement of the performance level, use silicon steel sheets with lower unit loss to make the loss without load of the transformer becoming lower.

3) Select high quality laminated wood insulation parts, without cracking, even under the action of short circuit current, the cable will not move.

4) The transformer oil is selected after deep filtration. The lowest water, gas and impurity levels make the transformer work more reliable.

5) Select high quality rubber sealing materials to effectively avoid aging and avoid leakage.

6) All raw materials have passed the quality inspection, and all manufacturers of raw materials have suffered a strict review in accordance with the ISO9000 National Standard.

4. Technical and economic performance.

Based on the S9 series, S11 series products have an average loss reduction without load of 30%; The current without load is reduced by 70-85% compared to S9; The increase in the average temperature is reduced by 10K, and the useful life of the product is reduced more than double, even in an overload of 20%, it can still be executed for a long time under the same conditions; The functioning noise of the product is reduced by 2-4 decibels on average.

5. Product Standards

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6. Service condition

  • Terms of normal use of the transformer

Altitude does not exceed 1000m;

Room temperature:

Maximum temperature + 40 ℃

The average temperature of the hottest month is + 30 ° C

The highest annual average temperature + 20 ℃

Minimum outdoor temperature -25 ℃

  • Terms of special use of the transformer

The altitude exceeds 1000m;

Room temperature:

Maximum temperature + 40 ℃

Minimum temperature -25 ℃

(Specify when ordering)

Meaning of the model

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Distribution transformer submerged by three-phase oil of S11 11KV seriesDistribution Transformer Submerged Three-phase S11 Series S11 SeriesS11 Series 33KV Three phase TROS Dual phase of distribution distribution distribution distribution distribution distributionSZ11 系列 11kv 三 相油 浸式 有 载 调压Power transformer Non-excitement voltage regulator S11 33KV seriesSZ11 系列 35kv 三 相 双 绕组 有 载 调压 双

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