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Amorphous alloy alloy core distribution transformer of the SBH15 series


Product description

The transformer can transform the tension of the grid into the voltage required by the system or the load to perform the transmission and distribution of electrical energy. The transformer can replace a transformer with a silicon steel iron core and is widely used in outdoor energy distribution systems. The operation of the large-scale network of this product can achieve good energy saving effects and reduce air pollution.

This product is especially suitable for areas where the power is insufficient, cargo fluctuations are large, and routine maintenance is difficult. Since the transformer adopts a completely sealed structure, the insulating oil and the insulating medium are not contaminated by the atmosphere, so it can operate in a humid environment. It is an ideal energy distribution team in the large distribution network of urban and rural energy.

Product characteristics

Energy saving products, loss without load is approximately 75% lower than the S9 transformer; low loss, less heat, low temperature increase, stable operation; Advanced and reasonable structure, strong short-circuit resistance; Strong ability to overload, safety and reliability, strong resistance to corrosion, free maintenance.

Meaning of the model

QQ 截截 20210324200159.

Three-phase non-excitation voltage distribution distribution transformer of SBH15-M 11KV

Rules of products

GB1094.1 ~ 2-2013 GB / T 6451-2015

High nominal voltage: 10 (10.5,11,6,6.3,6.6) KV

Classification of low voltage: 0.4kv

Tapping range: No regulation of excitation voltage (± 5%, ± 2x2.5%)

Connection group: DYN11 or YYNO

Insulation level: Lii75AC35 / AC5

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